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Making Your Dreams Come True! - Wednesday 10:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm PST

Broadcast Number 7g - The School Of Affirmations is In! (Wednesday, March 1, 2007)

This evening’s program is the 8th in an 8 part series of programs about Writing Effective and Powerful Affirmations to Making Your Dreams Come True

Welcome to “Making Your Dreams Come True” part of the Dare to Dream Program with Greg Norman.

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Thank You Sarah Simmons of and Greg Norman of for making dreams come true via this programming.

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Dear Parents and Educators,

Welcome to the Kids Affirmation Program fondly known as KAP.

Because we understand and are aware of the value and benefits of KAP to children, schools and families and our desire to make our learning material available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay, we are offering our ebook PDF formatted programs for immediate download without payment. The Kids Affirmation Program is only available by electronic means and can be copied and printed from this website (e-Program Downloads)

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If you can't pay, download the program and benefit by its activities; and when you can pay, remember the KAP!

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Please read the home page very carefully for an overview of the program, the key principles and practices your child/students will learn, view the learning modules, sample the music your child/students will hear, and test drive an Affirmation by downloading Affirmations 101, after you take The Affirmations Guided Tour.

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Enjoy the program and email us with your questions, suggestions, comments, and results of the program using the Email Us in the menu .

Your KAPtains

Dr. Anne Marie Evers (DD)

Michael (the Curriculum Guy - BA, BEd, MRE)

Past programs are available at on the home page. Locate the space-age jute box, select Dr. Anne Marie Evers, and then the program and there we are!

We are your hosts, Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Michael Alexander

This evening’s program is all about Affirmations and the Community.

In the first portion of the program we will be reviewing information from the preceding shows, and we will be giving you some ideas how affirmations can go to work for you and your business, organization, community club. So let’s begin with the review.

The Review

1. Review 5 Building Blocks
2. 4 Step Process
3. Affirmation Rules
4. Laws to Remember and Live

A more fuller description of Affirmations is available for free download off of on the home page, scroll down the left-hand side of the page and you’ll see Affirmations 101: A Primer.

Affirmations and Business

Dr. Evers and the Hospice at Port Moody

Walk through the Process from Conception to Realization

How the Hospice Building was Created

When I was asked if I thought that we could do Affirmations to create a free-standing Hospice, I really thought about it and realized that this would be such a worthwhile project which would help many people, I just KNEW together we could manifest it.

The staff that was desirous of making this happen set up a meeting with me to talk about the power of the spoken word (Affirmations) and how to make this happen. We did the following Master Affirmation.


“We (names of people), deserve and now easily and effortlessly raise the sum of $ ____________ to build a free-standing Hospice in the Vancouver area. This facility helps many people to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

We ALL fully accept

All Signed

Short Form Affirmation – Beautiful free-standing Hospice

We all read our Master Affirmation over every morning and evening and repeated our Short Form Affirmation over many, many times every day.

We purchased a large piece of Cardboard (Bulletin Board size). The four of us sat around the table and talked about just how we should do it.

I suggested that we draw a rather large circle in the middle and in this circle place a sketch (or picture of a Hospice Building). Then just around that circle put something that represented the Higher Power, God, Universal Mind, Creator, etc. They choose a beautiful yellow light for the pure Golden Light of God.

Then we drew smaller, outer circles on the Cardboard. Inside those circles we wrote the names of various banks, institutions, organizations, companies, people, etc. that we could approach to ask for donations to make this Hospice a reality.

Then we added in pencil the amounts we expected to get from each of them (always adding in excess of) $___________. This way we were not limiting the donations.

We made it very colorful, knowing that color wakes up and excites the subconscious mind. We had fun that afternoon creating this (what I call Magic Magnetic Circle Map). Some people call it Treasure Mapping, Vision Board, etc.

Then the Manager hung that large Magic Magnetic Circle Map in her office.

Every day, just after reading their Master Affirmation, the people involved would look at the Magic Magnetic Circle Map and as I suggested, they would engage their five senses.

They would actually step ahead in their minds’ eyes, several months and bring in their five physical senses.

See in their mind’s eye that lovely completed Hospice building,

Hear people saying how grateful they were to have such a wonderful facility.

Feel how absolutely wonderful they felt by being able to be a part of this very important joint venture.

Smell – they would either smell some cologne or perfume or scent of a flower.

Taste they would either visualize biting into a juicy apple or they would take a drink of fresh sparkling water.

Then they would go on about their day. They would telephone or personally call on the banks, organizations etc. named on the Magic Magnetic Circle Map.

When the donations were pledged they would write those amounts in pencil. When the money was firmed up and it was actually there, they would write it in a bright green felt pen.

They always wrote, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” after each one.

They all lived in an attitude of gratitude and kept on encouraging one another. It became a wonderful team effect (or Master Minding Exercise) which proved successful.

Today that free standing Hospice is there for all to see. Such is the power of our collective thoughts, mind power. using the spoken word, (Affirmations), action and team work!

This is an example of the Step Process when doing Affirmations and Team work at its very highest and best!

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

Business/Organizational/Community Club Motto and Affirmations Your Affirmation is written to support your motto and uses many of its words.

Your Affirmation and the Community – Your audience, customers, those with whom you do business. Your Affirmation should take into consideration their wishes and desires for the kind of service they desire.

Affirmations Staff Training

Personal Staff Affirmations: for particular saff member to improve certain performances.

Corporate Affirmations: This aligns your business Mission, vision, values Statements; Guiding Principles; and Codes of Ethics with a corporate affirmation that is to be recited by all staff members together before you open for business.

Service Delivery: Write an affirmation that will keep your customers coming back!

Business Power Words: paying customers, repeat customers, satisfied customers, dedicated and loyal customers, provide friendly and immediate service to our customers, courteous and professional staff, establishing solid business relationships, meeting and exceeding sales targets, etc...

Next Week March 14, 2007
St. Patrick's Day: Prosperity - Your Pot-o-Gold at the End of YOur Rainbow!


Remember to practice these helpful strategies today and each and every today of your life:

1.a Ask the BIG Question #1: “What is here for me to learn about myself and others, in this current situation that is not immediately apparent to me now?”

1.b Ask the BIG Question #2: “What is here for me to learn about my thought life, in this current situation that is not immediately apparent to me now?”

2. The 1% Solution: Change one thing at a time: do one new action differently and entertain one new thought. Change your life one new action and one new thought at a time.

3. Ask: What is the one thing that I can do differently today to make my experience of Life better?
Declare: The One thing that I can do differently today to make my experience better is _______.
Remember to Follow through

4. Create Your Dream Action Plan: Ask the SIX BASIC QUESTIONS: Who? What? How? Where? When? Why?

5. Ask: Who are you hanging out with at the Intersection of Your Life?
(Dream Supporters? or Dream Stealers?)

6. Be the Cause of Your Life! and Cause the life you want to be!

Until Next Week
Plan for more than you can do then do it.
Bite off more than you can chew then chew it.
Attach your affirmation to a star
Hold on tight and there you are!

Affirmations when properly done, always work.

Inspirational Thoughts

"I stumbled upon a pool of water today, left after a relentless rainstorm that I thought would never end. I gazed into the pool that remained, the only evidence of the storm, and there I beheld an image of greatness; I marveled for a moment and walked on into the rest of my life."

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